Rebecca Parsons @GHCI 2017

“Continuous Learning” Rebecca @ GHCI17

The second day at GHCI17 started with a Keynote from Rebecca Parsons CTO ThoughtWorks. Her story is a great inspiration for women and men alike. Her story also depicts her focus on Continuous Learning.

Continuous Learning

Rebecca is known for her knowledge and understanding of varied programming languages. Sharing her learnings through her life starting from coding at the age of 14.

She stated different career decision phases in her life and most of the time she chose what she is passionate about. She emphasizes on taking up ambiguous challenges since it is exciting to work with ambiguity.

Lessons Shared

  • Don’t be afraid to just try something new. Learning does not always require teaching. Explore, Play
  • Ask for what you want. You may be surprised and get it!
  • Trust your instincts
  • Know when to move on
  • Make sure you’re moving towards something, not simply moving away from something
  • Look for opportunities and grab them when you see them
  • Fake it ’til you make it
  • Not all decisions are right. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t dwell on them.

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